James Bond – The Assignment 
The 007 is on a mission in Mexico, so we need a brave team from Budapest to help Bond save the world! Walk through the most beautiful hill of Budapeste while you get a whole view of the city, the Danube and while you visit the famous tourist attractions of the Gellért Hill. Tourist attractions, beautiful scenery and fun while completing a mission.

Price of the game 15EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)

Story of the game

People in a secret group called Specter are working in Budapest to find a long-forgotten super weapon.
Although MI6 has sent 007 to locate Specter leaders and liquidate the organization, they still need a well-trained team of professionals to find the coordinates of the secret location and disarm the gun before it’s too late.
This game is not about boring puzzles, but exciting physical tasks, extended reality and unforgettable experiences.
In the game, we give you a number of decision options, so the course of the game also depends on your choices.

Price of the game 15EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)

The equipments that help the agents

You will receive modern technology during the mission. Find the clues of missing agents with the help of the app, use the decoder for unknown texts, and keep in touch with the officer in an encrypted chat.

Price of the game 15EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)


group of people

700 -1100 m

walk (depending on your decision)



70-110 minutes


Starting point

Price of the game 15EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)

How does it work

Buy the game

Just add the game to the cart using the “Add to Cart” button above. You can then conveniently pay for the game online.

Login to the website

After a successful purchase, an online interface will be available, where you will find all the necessary information for the game, as well as the tools needed for physical tasks.

Play when you feel like it

You can  play anytime when the team is together and you feel like it.

Price of the game 15 EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)

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What do you need to play?
You need an uploaded smartphone with an Internet connection (approximately 10MB of data traffic in total), an iOS or Android operating system, (Check if your phone or one of your team members’ phone is appropriate . is  Click here) for which you can download the required application.

Price of the game 15EUR/team
(1 team= 2-8 people)


What happens in bad weather?

Play the game when you feel like it. So you don’t have to worry about bad weather.

How much time do we have to play the game?

The game has no time limit. If you get tired, you can start the adventure again at any time later.
Otherwise, the game can be played in 70 to 120 minutes.

How can I buy the game?

Just click the “Add to Cart” button next to the Games to fill out your billing information and you’re done.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay for the game by credit card and with bank transfer.

What phones is the game compatible with?

You can access the phone compatibility list here: https://www.cityescape.hu/telefon-kompatibilitasi-lista/

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