Magic World – Informations

Before you start the game please read the instructions below. Enjoy the game!

Download the application

The game will require an application with which you will be able to see the game elements that are invisible without the app. You should only use the application if the person you are chatting with asks you to do so.

Click to Download Android app

Click to Download iPhone app


Download the map

You will see the locations of the game on the map. You can view the map by downloading it to your phone. Please keep it until the end of the game.

Click to Download the map


Go to the starting point

To start the game, you need to go to the starting location. By clicking on the link below, Google Maps will open and it will navigate you exactly to the starting point. (You don’t have to go down to the underground garage)

Show me the location


Please write to Hermione

When you arrive to the location contact

Click here to start the chat

Select your currency